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An image of a monstera leaf, cup of coffee and tablet to show that therapy for complex ptsd is being offered online in Maryland and Rhode Island
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Stop Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop. Start Living.

Compassionate trauma therapy for high-functioning women

Online in Maryland and Rhode Island

Let go of perfectionism, stop people-pleasing and heal from the past.

  • You're tired of chasing perfection and feeling "not good enough"

  • You know your past impacts you but you don't know what to do about it

  • You're tired of one-sided relationships and convincing other people you're worth their time

  • You have a deep sense of being misunderstood

  • You find it hard to relax and are constantly "waiting for the other shoe to drop"

  • You feel guilty every time you say "no" and engage in people-pleasing to avoid upsetting others 

  • You had to be an adult at an early age or were always told you were "mature" for your age

  • You're ready to do the work and need someone to walk alongside you while you do

Does this sound like you?

Caitlin Weese LCSW-C, a trauma therapist, smiles warmly at the camera.

I see you and I can help

Hi! I'm Caitlin, I've dedicated my career to helping women transcend the grip of complex PTSD, perfectionism and co-dependency to reclaim their lives. 

I use proven techniques to help you heal at the root level and reconnect you with your inner wisdom. Fill out the contact page to begin your transformation today!

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Offering Online Trauma and Codependency Therapy in Maryland and Rhode Island

Get started with a Complex PTSD Therapist Near You

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I help women overcome:


Complex PTSD




Perfectionism and Anxiety

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Read on to see

what people are saying...

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“"Trust me when I say, Caitlin is a rare GEM in this field! She has an uncanny way of making all parts of you feel seen, while challenging you to make lasting change, and is skillfully gentle in unburdening deep attachment wounds according to your comfort."

Katie O'Mailey, LCSW-C, RYT


My Offerings

My Background

A lot of my clients don’t care about my background. But many of my clients who have been hurt by other people need to know I understand. So here goes!

I first began my work with trauma in college, where I served as an Advocate for survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and stalking at my University's Crisis Response Center. I've done everything from go to court with clients to get protective orders to accompanying clients to the hospital for forensic exams. I then went on to continue working at the office post-graduation as an Advocate. While there, I began to notice the connection between addictions, eating disorders and trauma


While working there, I also served as a Crisis Counselor on RAINN's national chatline for these same populations, as well as those experiencing child abuse. I went on to gain experience working with dual diagnosis (mental health and substance use) in both the IOP and PHP setting before making my way to a group private practice where I specialized in trauma therapy.

There, I worked with survivors of childhood emotional neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I've heard stories people swore they would carry to their grave and walked alongside them to the other side. 

I created Intuitive Healing and Wellness LLC because I saw the connections between traumatic experiences and eating disorders and substance use and didn't feel there were enough practitioners trained to treat these things holistically. 

I view addictions, eating disorders, self-harm and other compulsive behaviors as coping skills that likely helped you survive your trauma instead of problems to be fixed. 

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